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"I am delighted with Alan's work on our house. He is knowledgeable, fast and efficient, attentive to detail and a pleasure to have on the job site.
I highly reccommend Alan's work."
Peter Gordon

Quality Home Building on the Sunshine Coast for over 12 years.

Anderson Homes Ltd. is proud to offer home building and renovation services to the Sunshine Coast of BC with professionalism, quality, and performance.

Anderson Homes’ commitment is to quality design and an ease of living. Alan Anderson, and his wife and sales director, Delia, have prided themselves on this methodology for the last 12 years on the Sunshine Coast. It's how they’ve built their company into one of the top custom builders on the sunshine coast. Thoughtful design, careful planning and a limited number of projects each year have allowed Anderson Homes to develop a reputation for high quality and attention to detail.

We believe that cultivating a personal relationship with our clients allows us to comprehend their requirements and perception, and therefore achieve a superior execution.

Originating from a sunshine coast land development family Alan Anderson started his career in construction and development in his early twenties. He has consistently accumulated skills and experience for the last twenty years. The dynamic nature of the construction industry and evolving requirements of the regulations require a depth of experience, but also an adaptability that allows the construction professional to amalgamate state of art products and methods of today with dependable and reliable products and methods of yesterday.

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